Chuck Truck, Doors, and more!

IMG_2993.JPGBy Seth Heaton

Trying to describe my recent Patriot Voices Strike Force experience with “words,” seems almost impossible, because words won't really properly express how fantastic it was to be part of something like this. But I will try!

On the whole, it was uplifting, inspiring, fulfilling, fun, exciting, encouraging, fast, tiring, action-packed, and entirely worth every single second. When I was first contacted about the possibility of going, I wasn’t sure it would work out. Thankfully it did, because I was eager to be a part of what could be – what was – a critical election!

We worked hard in Iowa to bring a victory for Joni Ersnt, Terry Branstad, and many other candidates. The drive from Ohio took eight hours, but it seemed to fly by, at least on the way there! We arrived in Waterloo Friday afternoon, and went out soon after we arrived to start knocking doors. We drove around beautiful farm country, from house to house, encouraging people to get out to vote. Even though we were tired, and it was getting late, we kept marching on – driving actually, marching would have been a little rough. That night we continued the effort by making calls from the GOP victory center in Waterloo. There we met some other fantastic people working just as hard as we were. Iowans are very gracious people and seem to be pretty used to campaigns.

Saturday morning was wonderful, meeting many different people from around the country who had come to help. Some came from as far as Georgia and New York! There were people of all ages and from all different kinds of backgrounds. It was encouraging to see others of my age there! It was an all-day effort that Saturday, to get to as many houses as possible. I ended up going out in the “Chuck Truck” that day – I felt pretty privileged. Everyone worked very hard and they all were rewarded with an evening pizza buffet with Senator Santorum. Sunday was the last day of our efforts together and involved quite a few goodbyes. We hit as many doors as we could, and headed home. We had a blast!

1_Pizza_Ranch.jpgTo say that I am thankful and privileged to be a member of Patriot Voices would be the understatement of the year (cliché I know, but true.) Being able to spend a whole weekend with people who have the same dream for America, working toward the same goal, will be something I will never forget.

The members that are Patriot Voices, are a family. I am thankful and blessed beyond measure to be a part of this family. My weekend was made so much more incredible by being able to spend some time with Senator Santorum, who isn’t afraid to work right along-side his volunteers and is truly appreciative and grateful of all they do. From listening to him speak to just chatting with him about football at supper, it was one of the most memorable moments I will take from Iowa.

I also bring home with me the book Blue Collar Conservatives through the kindness of a fellow patriot, who after winning asked the Senator to sign and give it to me! The encouragement, support, and kindness shown toward me this past weekend is a jewel that I will carry with me for life. In this way, this trip, and Patriot Voices helped me to truly understand something that I hadn’t really grasped yet. That is this: you may be one person, one voice, but when you combine that voice with a thousand others it becomes far more powerful.

Seeing the returns come in on Election Night was just incredible - because I knew I owned a tiny bit of the Iowa victories! Thank you to Patriot Voices for this amazing opportunity! 

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