I March for Maddie

By Emily Ziarko, State Co-Chair for Indiana


I went to my first March for Life in Washington, DC in 2013. I thought it was wonderful to see so many people out marching for life. I was fortunate enough to attend again this year. Back in January of 2013 Patriot Voices was less than a year old. Our group was just starting out and had a decent showing, but not as big as others. I was pleased to see that our crowd that comes to the March has grown significantly over two years. In only a small time, our group has inspired so many people to stand up and speak out for what they believe in and see that they are not alone in the fight for life.

Senator and Mrs. Santorum and their children walked with us. It is inspiring to see people not just "talk the talk," but also "walk the walk" (literally in this case) in their fight for life. It’s a cause that is personal to them, because of their daughter Bella, and to me as well. My little Maddie is not a perfect child. She is a non-verbal autistic and I wouldn’t give up one second with her - ever. I walk for her and all children who might be disposed of so easily, because of an imperfection. All children come with challenges, but they also bring great joy.

The magnitude of people in the March was staggering! The people stretched as far as the eye could see. Disappointingly, the media barely covered the event! They chose instead to widely ignore the gigantic turnout! 

I was impressed by the fact that so many of the marchers are young. I think this is because so many of this generation have held their own ultrasound pictures of their own life in the womb. The ultrasound proves that babies are not just a blob of cells. I have a hard time reconciling people’s continued attempts to hold onto that lie because I felt all three of my children move at 11 weeks. Science has disproved the lie that it’s not a baby from conception. The ability to see babies from the very first doctor visit makes a very strong case for the side fighting for life.  

After I came home, I noticed a friend had posted a video of a debate that I had watched before. It was the partial birth abortion debate between Senator Santorum and Senator Hillary Clinton. This time I caught something I had missed before. The statistics on babies being aborted, specifically ones who had something as simple to fix as a cleft palate, was horrible!

We must continue to fight daily and march in the streets until this practice of destroying imperfect life has ended!  Seeing the multitude of people at the March for Life gives me hope that at some point in my lifetime, Roe v Wade will be overturned. 

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