I Went to the March for Life in DC!

By Daryl McIntosh, Chapter leader - Baltimore, Maryland

Amidst the extreme weather conditions shutting down much of the East Coast, including our nation's capital, thousands of devotees to the pro-life movement poured into Washington, DC for the March for Life on January 22, 2014. 

Remaining upbeat and positive despite countless transportation delays and below-freezing temperatures, a sizable group of frontline soldiers for conservatism assembled for an early-morning, Patriot Voices pep rally to start the day's events.  Contemporary pro-life icons Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar from TV's "19 and Counting" shared their personal testimony of what shaped their commitment to the pro-life cause. Duggar son Josh, who has a family of his own and counting, has become a champion of conservative issues in his own right, also spoke on the importance of gathering at the March for Life.  Finally, Rick and Karen Santorum, who by many accounts are the leaders of social issues in America, and mainstays at life events nationwide, addressed the group in a call to arms.

Now the elder statesman to a new and eager generation of pro-life patriots like Josh, Senator Santorum reminded the audience that "evil flourishes when good men do nothing," and with a rally cry in the tradition of George Washington's at Valley Forge encouraged the group to "weather the storm, do whatever it takes" and "love thy neighbor" to ensure the victory in the fight to protect the most vulnerable and helpless amongst us -- the unborn. 

The indoor pep rally concluded with the reinvigorated crowd of patriots having an opportunity to meet and greet the Santorum and Duggar families, fueling up on coffee and then joining hundreds of thousands of other pro-life Americans outdoors, where the temperature had now mercifully risen to double digits.

It was a great day to March for Life!


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