November 4th - A Great Day for America!

By Daniel Minick, State Co-Chair for Pennsylvania

FullSizeRender_(5).jpgThe weekend before the November 4th election, Louisa Miller and I decided to join the Patriot Voices PAC Strike Force Team in Raleigh, North Carolina. We assisted with the efforts of Lori Bardsley, North Carolina State Co-Chair, and a contingent from the Citadel of about 40 cadets! Louisa and I were excited to work with the cadets again, having been with them the year before in Virginia for the Patriot Voices PAC Ken Cuccinelli Strike Force. We were not disappointed! We had a wonderful time. These young leaders are a delight to work with and be around.  The future of our county is in good hands!

The cadets were divided into six teams for competitive purposes. The team we drove around all weekend was made up of cadets named: Daniel, Andrew and Joseph.  We had a wonderful weekend talking to like-minded voters about issues that are important to us all.

rjs_d2d_sf_2014.jpgMonday evening we were joined by Senator Santorum for phone banking, door-knocking, fellowship, dinner, pictures and songs with the cadets. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with the Senator about Pennsylvania football and his push-up tradition. When talking with the Senator and his assistant Steven, I mentioned that our team member Andrew had made about 250 phone calls that day from the back seat of my car while the rest of us were doing door-to-door.  The Senator immediately went to personally congratulate Andrew and have a picture taken with him. Later in the evening, Steven gave me a copy of “Blue Collar Conservatives” personalized by the Senator to present to Andrew.  

My personal thanks go out to all the Patriot Voices PAC members who worked on Strike Force Teams, Call From Home Teams and assisted us in many ways to make November 4 such a great day for America!  



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