Spending time with Rick Santorum in Orlando!

By Darlene Raimondi and Brian Empric, Florida State Co-Chairs

rjs.FL_leaders_2.8.14.jpgRecently, Rick Santorum was in Orlando to give a speech for Legatus - a group of business leaders who are committed to infuse their faith into their business practices.  

While in the area, he arranged to meet with state and local leadership for Patriot Voices.  Our conversation covered a wide range of topics - from Iran and their nuclear program to his commitment to working class Americans. 

More importantly he wanted to know what was on our minds!  So we asked about upcoming Echolight projects and of course, we wanted to know how Bella was doing. We shared our campaign stories with him.  It was a very casual conversation – one you would have with a friend!

We left our meeting ready to become more engaged with Patriot Voices and the work that lies ahead. We’re determined to keep fighting for the values that define us.  If you live in Florida and want to join our team, send us an email: [email protected]

By the way, two of the folks who joined us that day had served as theater captains for The Christmas Candle movie. They were so motivated after spending some time with the Senator that they committed to start a chapter in eastern Orlando - a wonderful outcome!

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