What We Do

Here’s what our grassroots members and leadership are doing:

Local Chapter Meetings – Our chapter leaders and their members gather together regularly to network, have discussion, and makes plans for activities, events and training.  

Petitions – Our grassroots activists sign and promote petitions so that their voice is heard on critical issues.   

Charities -We help the less fortunate in our local communities and decrease the need for government assistance by supporting and partnering with local and national charitable organizations. Past and ongoing projects include: Toys for Tots, local pregnancy centers, Give Cures (organization conducting ethical stem cell research), and U.S. Postal Service annual food drive.   

Call From Home – Our members are encouraged to participate in our “Call from Home” program so they can have an impact. 

Candidates – Through Patriot Voices PAC, our chapters support endorsed candidates who stand strong on Patriot Voices core principles and issues

Online Community -  In addition to our “on the ground” efforts, we have a strong online community which educates and has an impact on the issues we care about. To strengthen this effort, our chapter leaders are encouraged to offer training to their members about social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter.  

Local Events – Chapters are encouraged to sponsor booths at fair, festivals and events in order to make connections at the local level.

And so much more... Our chapters host activities, forums, coffees, cookouts, sign-waves, parties, and other events to educate and equip hard-working Americans to help turn our country back to the American principles upon which we were founded.


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